With over 12 years of experience in photography, advertising and marketing I work with clients to meet and exceed their photographic and business needs. Whether working with media outlets, clients, customers, individuals or vendors, I an easy to work with and known for my professionalism and thoroughness. Photographing and printing digitally for over 4 yeas, I pride myself in being as advanced and technologically savvy as possible in this ever changing and exciting realm of digital photography. From ad campaigns to travel brochures to large scale prints for presentations or for a bride on another continent, I provide beautiful images quickly and reliably without question.

My work ranges widely from travel, editorial and portrait work to architecture, sporting events and high-profile parties, galas and plenty of destination weddings. Currently I find myself photographing throughout the world.

Artistically inspired by many people but mostly my mother, I began photographing in high school and studied at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and with Galen Rowell, the great adventure photographer.

Some of my clients include: Neiman Marcus, Red Bull, MTV, Ferragamo, Intel, Macros, Maserati, Whiter() Turn% Chang Architecture, 7x7 Magazine, Family Circle, NewYork Times, SOMA Magazine, People, Yoga Journal, X-Games, 2002 Olympics, Family Home Journal, Stanford University, Sony Electronics, Cold Water Classic, Piccadilly Pets, Southwest Flyfishing Magazine, Palo Alto Daly News, Hermarys, Kids Talent Agency, Look Modeling Agency, World Wildlife Foundation, and Alain Pinel Realtors.